Joe's Cafe has been serving great food in the Prestonville area of Brighton for 27 years

We are passionate about food and believe in the power of a great breakfast and a hearty lunch! Here at Joe's we pride ourselves on serving top quality, locally-sourced food at a reasonable price. Our overall aim is to provide the best breakfast in Brighton & Hove.

For breakfast we serve everything from a classic fry up to a spicy Spanish Hash or healthy crushed avocado, chilli and poached eggs on toast all accompanied with quality, freshly ground coffee. We also offer a wide range of vegetarian and vegan food, as well as gluten free options.

We want the ingredients in our breakfasts to sing with quality. Expect to find sausages, black pudding & bacon from Natural Farm, free range eggs from Holmansbridge Farm, veg from Finn & Farm, veggie and vegan sausage from The Brighton Sausage Co, cakes from Sticky Fingers and amazing bread and pastry from Coburn & Baker (formerly The Home Cakery).

We aim to buy fresh, local ingredients from people who share our passion for good food. Whether it's the farm who produce our eggs, or Becky who makes our amazing brownies, everything we serve is produced by someone who loves what they do.

Possibly The Best Breakfast In The World

If your breakfast menu runs to two pages and is a matrix of dishes and sizes you deserve this award. For the second year running Joe's cafe has lured in the hungry hordes and sent them forth full of praise and belly

Best Brunch - 1st Place

Best Brunch - 1st Place

2017 Bravo Awards

The food awards are the annual celebration of the very best of food and hospitality and are co-ordinated by the Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Festival team

Best Cafe

Best Cafe

2016 Brighton & Hove Food & Drink Awards

Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Awards Judged by Rachel Horner (Rosemary E Hensby Solicitors) and Nick Harvey (Restaurants Brighton)

Best Cafe - 1st Place

Best Cafe - 1st Place

2015 Brighton & Hove Food & Drink Awards

Brighton & Hove Independent Awarded Best Breakfast In Brighton 2014

Best Breakfast In Brighton

Best Breakfast In Brighton

2014 Brighton & Hove Independent

Joe's Cafe


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